Wal-Mart fact #1

At Wal-Mart the customer is boss. If said customer is rude, stinking drunk, or etc, we WILL talk about that customer behind their back.

I am going to post all the little tidbits and actual facts from the employees(like myself) about walmart

That awkward moment when you realize you’re basically Squidward…

Your happier than me if…(seriously)
  • You can have a good nights sleep
  • Don’t have to yell at kids everyday
  • Can buy things for yourself just because you can
  • Can buy clothes for yourself without anyone saying the differ
  • Don’t have to argue with someone on the regular
  • Can have a good time in general
  • Don’t have to hide your stuff from destructive ass kids
  • Don’t have to listen to other peoples constant opinions about you
  • Don’t have to hear people telling how what you should be doing with your life at your age
  • You don’t have to hear people contradict themselves to prove their point about you
  • Have someone loving or close to talk to on a somewhat daily basis
  • People actually pay you back
  • When your upset or sad someone is there to support you
  • Have an unquestionable loving family,despite a few minor flaws
  • You don’t think about suicide just to have a moments peace.
  • Have every child that related to you affect your daily life.
  • Can go out and have fun on the regular
  • Spend YOUR paycheck the way you want to
  • Is actually in a sense an adult
  • You don’t cringe at the concept or the emotion of, “love”
  • You can just wake up and just be happy…


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